What will Google’s Next Big Move Be?

While Google’s search algorithm changes haven’t enjoyed the same level of publicity since Matt Cutts decided to leave the business, that isn’t by any means to say that the development team isn’t still working hard on improving the quality of search results that Google gives to its customers. The good news is that Google is now remarkably much more open about the types of changes that it is making, and what site managers can do to support Google in its mission to provide better quality search results. The company now even announces some moves in advance, so that website owners have plenty of time to get their business in shape for Google’s changes.

Despite all this, it’s still worth taking a little time to look into the future and work out what Google actually has planned. That’s what we’re going to focus on in this article.

It’s quite clear that mobile use is playing an increasingly important role in Google’s mission to improve the quality of its search results. As websites move away from keyword stuffing and other old hat techniques for pushing their sites higher up the Google rankings, it’s likely that the speed of websites and quality of code will become the next big web battleground. Initially, this appears to be a mostly positive development. Many sites run bloated, and, buggy code that slows down the experience for many web users, and probably hurts the companies running the websites without them even knowing it.

Working to improve code quality is probably where website owners stand to gain the most in the coming years. Consequently, it is likely that pressure will increase on the developers of tools like WordPress, and the themes that sit on top of them, to deliver high-quality code that offers a better experience for users.