Web Design Trends for 2018

Trends are important for many different reasons, such as, keeping your business ahead of its competition, and creating innovative ideas. Some trends last longer than others, but eventually, all trends change. It’s in your best interest to remain current with all web design trends whether you decide to adopt or resist them.

Layouts Using Broken Grids

Grids are becoming a thing of the past. In previous years, grid lines were all the rave. These lines allow you to align pictures, text, and other elements so your website looks authentic and professional. Without grid lines, web designers can be as creative as they like without worrying about the snap and lock feature. Objects, text, photos, and more can be as close or as far as the designer sees fit.

The Evolution of Illustrations

Illustrations are nothing like they were before. There are a variety of illustrations being put to good use in 2018. Illustrators are embracing product and marketing design and taking it to the next level. For many years, illustrations were the dominating factor in the world of advertising, and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping. In 2018, rough sketches are created with graphite and a variety of colours are added. Abstract shapes are used in illustrations to showcase uniqueness and creativity. You can use abstract illustrations to bring all of your business concepts to real life. It’s a great way to set yourself aside from your competition and be recognized by everyone.

Animation to Promote Interaction

Interaction is essential for gaining customers and their trust. On average, a visitor will spend a maximum of two minutes on your website. During the first 30 seconds, visitors are reviewing your website, and a person’s attention span is not long. In 2018, web designers are using animation to grasp the attention of visitors, thus increasing website interaction. By using animation, visitors are less likely to scroll through your website.