The importance of online marketing in Ireland

As a designer, you need to be aware that the playing field is SO large nowadays and that is largely down to the technology all around us. You have so much competition against the thousands of other designers in your country, that it is vital that you market yourself if you want to make it in the industry.

You might be wondering exactly why online marketing in Ireland is so important? The main reason being, you could be the most amazing designer in the world with 10/10 skills but if nobody has heard of you or even seen your work, how do you expect to get hired? Online marketing gets your brand noticed, it gets your name out there and while it might be a slow burner, it means profit in the long term.

It is now much easier to market yourself than what it used to be. While it used to involve putting an advert in the paper or posting leaflets through peoples’ letterboxes in your area, it’s now so much easier. The online world makes marketing a breeze and it also gets the word of your business spread more widely. You might want to consider making your own website or blog. There are clever tricks that you can use to ensure that your webpage gets high up in the results when somebody types “designer Ireland” into a search engine. You will need to research into this further and perhaps hire a professional to help you if this is something that is completely new to you.

Another way that you can market yourself online is through different social media platforms, which we will be talking about in more depth on another page. As a designer, your quality of work counts for a lot but ensure that people know about your work too.