Making the Most of Marketing Moments

Regular marketing is far different from online marketing, and those who are new to it will face some completely unexpected challenges.

Identifying the Target Market

The internet provides a huge target market, which is a real bonus for those wanting to do business online. But it also means identifying the wants and needs of that market in order to be able to deliver the marketing message that is going to bring the desired results. Once this is done, then the next phase of the marketing plan can be carried out.

Preparing the Marketing Copy

There are several different types of platforms that are capable of delivering a marketing message. But they each come with their own set of criteria. The marketing copy has to be compiled so it will conform with the required criteria and also meet its intended use.

The Time Constraints

One of the most recent challenges, more so now than in the past, is the amount of time that one could spend to deliver their marketing message. With advertising running rampant on the internet, it is becoming increasingly difficult for marketers to deliver an effective message within the short time period that will usually hold the attention of the reader.

Messages in Moments

Now it is generally being accepted that marketing messages only have a matter of moments to be effective. This is so recognizable that Twitter is presenting marketing messages as “news bites”. A different approach, but what may very well be an effective one. What it means to the marketer is that the messages have to be written in smaller chunks and perhaps delivered in a series of messages over a shorter period of time. By doing so the message in its entirety will eventually get out but viewers will be grasping the content point by point.