Ireland Online Marketing Stats for 2018

As an online designer, you can use marketing to your advantage. The world of marketing is always changing and so is the way people use the technology all around them in different ways from year to year. Here you can find the latest online marketing statistics in Ireland from 2018:

  • 65% of people over the aged of 15 have a Facebook account and over 50% of these use it on a daily basis to access things like news and to get in touch with different organisations. 57% of adults in Ireland use Facebook Messenger on a regular basis.
  • Over 50% of internet users access news through social media rather than more outdated methods like reading newspapers in physical form.
  • There are over 600 thousand adults in the UK that have an active Instagram account that they use for a number of different purposes including browsing services that might be useful to them.
  • Using the internet daily has increased 10% since 2013.
  • Internet shopping is on the rise every single day with 26% of people saying that have purchased online six times or more in the last three months alone.
  • The majority of internet users would opt to contact a company via social media or email rather than the traditional method of making a phone call.

These are just some of the facts that show in Ireland and more people are using technology in different ways. In addition to the basic things like chatting to friends online, people are using the internet to do business with different companies. As an online designer or a wannabe designer, YOU are the type of person that needs to be utilising these facts and figures to your advantage. Promote yourself online as much as possible and you are sure to watch your business go from strength to strength.