Five Reasons Why Social Media is Vital in Marketing

You have to have a marketing strategy if you want to be a designer, or indeed any occupation that involves promoting your services to others. Here are five reasons why you have to utilise social media in your marketing strategy.

  • It’s social – duh!

You will get to hear the opinion of potential customers, which will help you to understand your potential audience better, in addition to understanding where you need to go as a brand. While you do get the occasional troll, you will also be able to listen to people who actually care about your work.

  • It makes you appear less like a business, and more like a human

People are much more likely to use your services if they see you as a person doing a job, rather than a robot, which is sadly the case for companies that are not prominent on social media, for one reason or another.

  • It makes connecting less awkward

While cold calling used to be seen as annoying and intrusive, when the same is done online, it’s a lot less awkward and actually much more effective. Commenting on blogs, LinkedIn pages, and more, created by people who are in the similar business as you, will help you get your name out there in a more casual way.

  • You are seen as more modern

Companies that are active on social media have a younger audience and are generally seen as much more relaxed than those companies that are not. Individuals will instantly recognise you as modern and relevant, which will make them much more inclined to work with you further.

  • You can reach more people for free

It is free to join pretty much every social media platform out there, and you can reach a much wider audience utterly free of charge. This was not true with older forms of self-marketing.