Are There Enough Pros With Digital Marketing Skills?

There is no doubt that internet has opened up a lot of doors for those that are looking for careers. But, with the speed that the internet has been growing is there enough skilled workers to keep up with the demands?

Skill Requirements in the Past

One of the many areas where skilled individuals have been needed to fill positions for work on the web has been digital marketing, and going back two years there was a gap at that time. At least it was recognized but were positive steps taken to help close the gap?

Digital Marketing in Current Times

There are still strong indications that there is a shortage of digital marketers to meet the needs of businesses in the United States, UK and Ireland. This is going to be a concern and an issue that will need to be dealt with as there is not doubt the internet is here to stay.

How Qualified are the Current Digital Marketers?

There are some professionals who are working in this field and they class their skills on different levels. In the United States about 59% of those in this profession consider themselves to be competent. In the UK 475 have put themselves in this classification. Then for the digital marketers in Ireland 51% feel they are competent enough to meet the digital marketing demands. The fact is according to the research done is that the competency level among the three countries only averages about 38%.

What is the Solution for Digital Marketing Professional Shortage?

First awareness needs to be created as to the importance of this profession. Students need to be informed as to how lucrative this can be as a career. They have to feel confident that it is a line of work that is going to be in demand for many years to come. Next, the education resources have to be readily available and affordable.